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Imagine a simple way to manage hourly rentals. Imagine if it was available 24/7 online.

RentAll will allow you to accept bookings over the phone, in-person, and through your website all through a single, easy-to-use system.

It is a full solution rental management system.

It is Time to Book Rentals 24hrs a Day 7 Days a Week

Turn on a new marketing opportunity and still have control of your inventory. Even when your away from your phone. Work smarter not harder with the RentAll App. Your customers will enjoy the availability and you will enjoy how easy it is to use. 

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Your days of over scheduling or miss scheduling are over. Put your clipboard down and close your Excel documents. The RentAll system is built around a robust rental algorithm that takes in account inventory levels, start times, return times, and even more.

What about walk-ins and phone reservations?

We offer a whole back office dashboard that allows anyone on your team to check inventory at a specific time and day and book a rental.

What about equipment or product that is out for service?

Just 1 click disable it from inventory for time and it will be unavailable for rental both back of office and online. Once it's back with 1 click activate it again.

Request a Demo to View Even More Amazing Inventory Features

That's right we have more inventory management features then we can put on our features page.

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One Calendar: No Problems

It's that simple take reservations online, over the phone, and walk-in traffic. The one calendar helps you identify availability and have real time updates.

Can Customers Cancel their Rental Time?

Yes, your customer can call and cancel and you can quickly add your product back to inventory. Again, using one master calendar allows for your customers to get real-time rental results.

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Let's one up your Excel file and give you REAL inventory reports! Yep, RentAll reports to you what your high and low traffic times are on any given product you rent. Imagine if you knew that a specific product is in a higher demand and when! 

RentAll removes assumptions from the equation by allowing you to see rental reports based on product.

Real data provides real decision making power.

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E-mail Notifications

You and your customers will receive confirmation of rental times via email.

They will also receive reminder notifications 72hrs and 24hrs prior to their rental time.

The e-mail notifications are easy to manage and allows you the reassurance your communicating with the customer which leads to more business down the road.

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MERCHANT SERVICES: Accept All Major Credit Cards

The Rentall portal will allow you to close the deal safely and securely through the web.

Need to take a deposit on your rental equipment? NO PROBLEM! Rentall is built with rental business in mind.

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The Rentall App is packed with tools that allow you to sell additional products with rental.

Renting an ATV? Your customer will need to have a helmet right? Renting a pontoon? How about we have a stocked cooler for you.

We allow you to add additional items to any rental product so that your customer has the opportunity to add it to their cart before they check out.

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SECURE SALES: Happy Customer

We don't take security lightly. We want to provide you and your customers the professionalism and peace of mind when they check out their information is safe and secure.

We make sure every transaction is done behind a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) so that no one can take your data.

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CUSTOMIZED LOOK: Always Your Brand

Rentall provides a professional look and feel to your rental management portal with the ability to change logo, content, and even colors to match your brand.

Some customers find our product so easy to use that they decide to use it as their full website... adding content, images, and more.

If you already have a website then just create a link to the product and use specifically for rental management.

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MOBILE READY: Smartphones Welcome

Your customers will find that renting from you on their smartphones is a breeze.

All RentAll sites are built for both mobile and desktop functionality. They may rent from you right from your parking lot!